Thursday, June 09, 2011


Flower (SE f100i)

despite her buildup anxiety, seeing each other after such a long separation, reunion turned out to be so much more fun than she had expected. although it was partially sour due to certain circumstances, but the fog uprose soon enough n things took turn for the better in a blink of an eye. the harmony atmosphere continued to thicken for the following days. accepted as part of the pack, she was treated indifferently than the rest. familiarity warmed her, effort rewarded unexpectedly, which she found relieved for always trying the hardest.



  1. Sound like an awesome reunion!

    Beautiful photo, Levian! Love the bright and vivid colors!

    Have a grrrrreat day, my friend!

  2. Reunion is always good right? Especially when you yearn to see someone you are close to.

  3. ron:
    thanks! just like what you mentioned in your photo-blog, colorful enough to brighten up our day!

    i totally agree. sometimes even with those you are not so close to, as long as everyone appreciate the reunion, it can turn out pretty sweet as well!