Sunday, July 03, 2011


Sky (SE Vivaz)

supporting her head tightly within her palms, it throbbed fearfully threatening to burst through her skull, tainting the far wall. the pain engulfed her, echoed tremendously in her ear, she sucked in the cold air with blazing agony. she refused to fall, yet the room too, refused to come into focus. it spun around her, the screen blurred the moment she raised her eyes to its level. the pain sang deep, her pulse race, her breathing too fast n too shallow, she was shivering yet covered in sweat in the air-conditioned room. she clutched her sides, burying her nails in the process, but it couldn’t distract her enough from the pain. she needed to get up but feared she would collapsed n lost consciousness, her tongue felt thick n dry when she swallowed, she bit her tongue for distraction but not hard enough to draw blood. time seemed to halt right there right then, intentionally going against her will. he rushed to her the moment he heard, the traffic bended n submitted to his call. finally he reached, just in time to pull her from plunging into further anguish.



  1. Wow...are you ok? Suffering from something? You were not feeling well?

  2. WOW!!!!!

    Very intense. And extremely well-written and expressed.

    Hope all is well for you, my friend.

    ((( Levian )))

  3. Hey Levian!

    That is an awesome photo shot! Although the entry is short in nature, the writing is expressed in detail as always.

    Hope you're well my friend.

  4. TEKKAUS: indeed, i wasn't feeling well then. it was seriously a scary experience.

    RON: thanks, i felt much better after having a good rest. it has been one heck of a torturous day to endure, absolutely frightening.

    DAVID: thanks, i'll take that as a compliment! am so glad of your dropping by despite your busy schedule.