Sunday, July 31, 2011


Lasagna (SE Vivaz)

so often he judged using his own standard. sideways glances he threw her way, glances he thought she was too dumb to notice, with his jaw slanted to one side n lips twitching ever so lightly on the other side, a signature facial expression of his that he never seemed to be aware of. boldly showing her his disapproval as if he owned her in any little way. same goes for the principles that he voiced out loud n clear, it applied to no one but he himself. contradictively, if the exact same thing happen on others, he most definitely has another set of theories ready n couldn't restrain from throwing out into the open. it was naturally difficult to be around him, yet he sees that as no problem of his, more eager to point a finger or two. she recognized him as the type that genuinely assumed himself correct at all times, out of naiveness or ignorant she couldn't quite make out, but it was indeed without exception.


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  1. er... i dunno what is the relation with the pizza. i think i am losing touch with deciphering your words now... oh nooo.