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Deadman Wonderland (2011)

Deadman Wonderland

set in a futuristic world, Deadman Wonderland was Japan's private operated prison. it was opened to public n tourists, in a massive theme park-like facility. it was a popular attraction, with cruel games of survival where prisoners were forced to participate with the risk of losing their lives. wealthy viewers also had the chance to watch a secret game called Carnival Corpse, where death matches were arranged among prisoners. the defeated prisoner will have part of their organs removed for scientific research. winners in all games or matches were awarded large amount of Cast Points, to use as money in the prison, or in exchange of life-saving candies. one day, while the students were attending school like usual, the whole class was massacred by a strange man covered in blood. Ganta was the only survival, with a red crystal embedded into his chest. after a quick trail, he was sentenced to life imprisonment in Deadman Wonderland.

despite having the anime looked slightly "dirty" n unattractive, it managed to capture our whole interest just by watching its very first episode! it was nothing less than tones of crazy ideas put together, like one psychological thriller with whole lot of actions packed into it! to get rid of particular prisoner, the wardens followed a standard of "accidentally" killed them or removed all candies from them, for these horrible tasting candies must be consumed every 3 days for them to stay alive. Ganta obviously had a far harsher experience than other prisoners, especially after his power was activated. he also met Shiro, an innocent looking girl who was so skillful she was able to keep Ganta from being killed in many situations. her claiming to know Ganta kept our interest flowing, for together they hold the secret to the earthquake that happened 10 years ago. the anime was so fast-paced n gory, it kept us on the edge at all times!

some background on the anime:
- episodes: 12
- director: Koichi Hatsumi (初見浩一)
- released: 2011
- language: Japanese
- genre: Action/Magic

Deadman Wonderland
Deadman Wonderland
Deadman Wonderland
Deadman Wonderland
Deadman Wonderland

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  1. It sounds like Saw...but well...more saddist. :p