Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Candies (SE Vivaz)

with money getting harder to earn n the increasing debts stacking threateningly in the account, he started to look for close ones for advantages. it hit her big, he used to be responsible, eagerly taking care of them without them requesting for anything, nor did they actually needed anything extra to begin with. but his irregular pampering had them felt warm at heart every single time. the drastic change took her by surprise. she had never knew he would one day ask something in return in spite of all the kindness he showed that she thought was out of goodness. it had her felt foolish, naively deceived, believing that he did it out of love towards his family. it was nothing but a big fat lie.



  1. It's not easy to have someone help out warm-hearted :-)

  2. What are those things in the picture?