Thursday, September 15, 2011


Sky (SE Vivaz)

checking his reflection in the mirror, looking at the person staring intensely back at him. he had believed that it was true, believing it like it was his religion. he hadn't anticipate such twist from the event, he hadn't even anticipated any twist at all! burning his gaze into his feet, he knew it was time. time to put his feet back on the ground, time to make a decision n make everything right again. he had created miracle before, thus he shall just create it again this time. no pressure.



  1. a courage for the day is required for this very important day. looking at his reflection he knew he got today in his hands. with much confidence he face the day with all he got. :p

    Man I have not depict your mysterious post for some time... this sure is mind boggling for me now haha!

  2. Love the clouds in this photo! : )