Sunday, October 23, 2011


she started running. turning into the alley just as she crumpled to the ground. fingers clamped to the temples, head aching as thought it was penetrated from all sides. a swirl of images unfold in her mind, a series of sketches, one turning into the next like pages of a book. she made it to the forth page before she realized what it was all about. calmly she got up on her foot, letting these sketches comforted her as she walked. the thing was, he had always been prone to charm his way out of difficult problems. before long, he had her obediently answering his series of questions, his interrogation. exhausted, she decided to give it a rest. the images effectively diverting her attention away from being upset with him. she hasn't quite been herself today, and she wasn't so eager to make it the longest day in her life either.


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