Friday, October 07, 2011

Yuki ゆき

Cat (SE Vivaz)

cozily Yuki sat on his lap n slowly dozed off. as he started swinging left n right, influencing us both into getting drowsy ourselves, i grabbed the camera n started shooting them instead. among the 2 of us, he was much more patient than i, in offering himself as a pet cushion. on the other hand, if Yuki does have a choice, he would still choose him, for the reason he is warmer than me. secretly, even i seek warmth from him! n of course, he is also a bigger pet cushion than me. Yuki is bigger than any average domestic tabby. on my lap, he would fell off the sides if he sways too much. n often this big furball will need to balance his body weight by placing at least one of his hind legs on the chair for support.

1 comment :

  1. He must be one heart-warming guy as well huh!