Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yuki ゆき

Cat (SE Vivaz)

for most who love cats, we love squeezing their soft paws. however, paws, including ears, tail, especially belly are labelled as sensitive spots for a cat. if any human they did not trust tried to touch them on these parts, will probably resulted to being scratched or bitten mercilessly. when Yuki first came, he was extremely defensive, hissing n scratching anyone that tried to befriend him. he was a difficult child. years after hanging with us, he finally accepted us as well as placing his trust in us. it took me long enough to proceed from one part to another, training his tolerance so he would not cause any family member to bleed like he did during his childhood. now he becomes so tame i was able to grab his paws or rub his belly, sometimes even squeezing his tail. as much as he dislike these gestures, he trusts us enough to let me off with just a meow to show that he was annoyed.

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