Sunday, November 06, 2011


Butterfly (SE Vivaz)

there must be a way! clinging onto the falsest of hopes, forcing an enthusiasm that he didn't really feel. he stood, a dark silhouette in the night, the warmth of his sad tired gaze on her was like an invisible embrace that braced them against the cold wind. she knelt, hands on her knees, toes buried in the sand, wishing he would stop blaming himself for not letting things took their own natural course. he shook his head, his gaze so sad, her heart caved in. her voice quivered as her lips trembled so badly she failed to put a complete sentence together. she stuttered, desperately pushing him along, believing that they were just experiencing a temporary setback, and all that they needed to do was to put their heads together and things will be better again. looking up at him, her voice faded, seeing that he had already moved on, retreating to his solitary world where he was solely to blame.


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