Monday, November 28, 2011


Otters (SE Vivaz)

these mischievous duo ran wildly in their cage under the hot afternoon sun. dashing from one shed to another, diving effortlessly into the pond of shallow water, dragging leftover fishes from under the pond, apparently from its previous feeding session. the moment one caught us looking with interest, it came forward, staring straight at us, squeaking its most deafening call. unlike the Bird, which we can't quite fathom whether it was food or attention that it sought; these otters obviously wanted food. seeing the snacks we held in our hand only caused them to dash around insanely fast, stirring every last member in their big family.


  1. Otters are amazingly fast and playful animal. Ha :D

  2. Always got confused between otter and beaver, its hard to tell the difference. haha.