Thursday, January 19, 2012


Lighting (Samsung Mini)

she stood on the bulky rock, humming in a voice so sweet known to draw gazes on her. shifting closer to the edge, her toes wrapped around the rock as if caressing it. she bounced, ponytail bobbing, cheeks puffing, the she dove. it was sleek, a usual effort she made to blend in with the water. she popped back up, like a seal. she saw him watching, laughed and dove in again. she was the best swimmer he had ever seen, she had to be the best! but swimming wasn't quite his thing. he liked sitting on the rock, bare feet dangling while watching her having her way in the crystal clear lake, basking in her glorious laugh that seemed to float in the air surrounding him.


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  1. I absolutely adore the little blurbs you write :)