Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Houkago wa Mystery to Tomo ni (2012)

Houkago wa Mystery to Tomo ni

Kirigamine was a high school student who had great passion for baseball and mysteries. it led her to create a Detective Club, seeking Biology teacher Ishizawa to be its mentor. although she was full of confidence as she took on various mysteries that occurred in school, her reasoning was generally full of holes. but even though she wasn't able to close each case successfully, she led the team towards the correct direction, where the mysteries would eventually be solved.

Kirigamine was a cheerful character, while Ishizawa was a slightly mysterious Biology teacher. they were most of the time extremely exaggerated, supposedly adding a comedic effect to the series. however, it was the mysteries that interest us and thus finishing episode after episode. fortunately, Kirigamine grew on us, the exaggerated facial expressions soon became acceptable as part of her and the series became much easier to watch.

some backgrounds on the drama:
- episodes: 9
- director: Kanbe Akira (かんべあきら)
- released: 2012
- casts: Kawaguchi Haruna (川口春奈), Hayami Mokomichi (速水もこみち), Hirose Alice (広瀬アリス), Mamiya Shoutarou (間宮祥太朗), Iriyama Noriko (入山法子), Takashima Masanobu (高嶋政伸)
- language: Japanese
- genre: Comedy/Mystery

Houkago wa Mystery to Tomo ni
Houkago wa Mystery to Tomo ni
Houkago wa Mystery to Tomo ni
Houkago wa Mystery to Tomo ni
Houkago wa Mystery to Tomo ni

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  1. Is it like solving mysteries? Detective-type?