Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scattered Ashes (2012)

Scattered Ashes

Nicole had to attend an extra outdoor class in order to graduate. she was paired up with Jordan, a guy she met for the first time, just 1 month before his wedding. they fell madly in love, but neither confess as they felt the weight of responsibility. one month later, Jordan married Alyssa, his best friend in college; while Nicole returned to her life, getting married to Michael years later. however, their relationship didn't end there. for many years to come, they constantly thought of each other, calling for emotionally support, until they were finally brought together.

the book was an easy read, however the storyline had me felt disgusted. even before his marriage with Alyssa, Jordan was doubtful. he went through with the marriage due to responsibility, which eventually led to divorce after Alyssa's miscarriage. Nicole was no better, her marriage to Michael gave her 2 beautiful children, Nick and Michelle. but Michael had been having an affair, skipping important events like death and labor. it was so obvious that everyone else just weren't right for them. but as much as they book tried to make them the good guys, i just can't find myself rooting for them.

author: Maria Rachel Hooley
published: 2012
genre: Romance

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