Friday, October 05, 2012

Ataru (2012)


Ataru suffered from Savant syndrome, thus having the ability to observe and analyze microscopic evidences of otherwise unsolved cases. one day, an explosion occurred and the investigation team concluded that it was an accident, but Ebina had her doubts. she went to the site seeking evidence, but met with Ataru instead. he mentioned a few keywords that Ebina couldn't understand. she looked up those words and discovered by putting those words together, it became the key of solving the case.

for every episode, a different case was presented for Ataru's analyzing skill to put to use. the processes were absolutely captivating, while the humors were equally entertaining. it was surprising to see Nakai Masahiro (中居正廣) from SMAP portrayed Ataru so perfectly that it was difficult to imagine that he was just playing the character instead of really having the disability himself. as its main attraction, the cases lured us episode after episode, wanting more while enjoying the unique partnership between Ataru and Ebina.

some backgrounds on the drama:
- episodes: 11
- director: Kimura Hisashi (木村ひさし), Yoshida Ken (吉田健一), Kan Satoshi (韓哲)
- released: 2012
- casts: Nakai Masahiro (中居正廣), Fujimoto Hiru (藤本飛龍), Kitamura Kazuki (北村一輝), Kuriyama Chiaki (栗山千明), Tamamori Yuta (玉森裕太), Riju Go (利重剛), Okunuki Kaoru (奥貫薫), Shimada Kyusaku (嶋田久作), Tanaka Tetsushi (田中哲司), Chihara Seiji (原せいじ), Nakamura Yasuhi (中村靖日), Shounozaki Ken (庄野崎謙), Mitsumune Kaoru (光宗薫), Nakamura Masaya (中村昌也), Miyoshi Hiromichi (三好博道), Ichimura Masachika (市村正親), Murakami Hiroaki (村上弘明)
- language: Japanese
- genre: Mystery


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