Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Inside Out Girl (2010)

Inside Out Girl

Rachel was an overprotective single mother of Janie and Dustin. Len was lawyer struggling with his disabled daughter Olivia. Olivia had Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD), which caused her to have high verbal skill, but low social or visual skill. when the 2 adults got to know each other, Janie was horrified to find out that the most bullied girl in school was going to be her sister. while everyone was having trouble adjusting, Len found out that he had a tumor in his head, having only a few years left. desperate for someone to take care of Olivia after he died, he sought out perfect parents for his daughter.

the heartwarming, as well as heart-wrenching story circled around a special girl named Olivia. she reminded Rachel so much of the down syndrome daughter she gave up when she got pregnant at a younger age, and caused her to be filled with guilt often. Len helped her to move on bringing in Olivia into her life, it was like giving her a second chance. many times i found tears welled up in my eyes as i got absorbed into the story, completely influenced. it was definitely an awesome read.

author: Tish Cohen
published: 2010
genre: Drama

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