Sunday, May 05, 2013

Reconstructing Amelia (2013)

Reconstructing Amelia

Kate was a single mother who worked as a lawyer. despite her busy schedule, Amelia was a perfect daughter. one day, when she was having an important meeting with her clients, Kate received a call from Amelia's school, saying that Amelia had been cheating on papers, thus expelled and required Kate to bring her daughter home. Amelia was an intelligent and levelheaded girl that would never do something like that. but when she arrived at the school, she found out that Amelia was dead.

the story was told in many perspective of Kate's and Amelia's, including what happened before Amelia was found dead, along with Kate's own side of the story as she struggled to find out what happened to her daughter. it was such a heart-wrenching experience having to go through both Amelia's and Kate's challenges. despite the jumping timeline, the storyline was was captivating and mysterious that before long, i found myself following the breadcrumbs Amelia left behind, joining Kate on her journey to discover the truth. it was a painful journey even for us readers, where i uncontrollably shed many tears for them.

author: Kimberly McCreight
published: 2013
genre: Mystery/Thriller

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