Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Demon Vampire (2013)

Demon Vampire

i received an advance copy of the book from Virgil Allen Moore on June 22, 2013. the story followed Zack, who was originally a human before he was transformed into a Vampeal. the Vampeals were not vampires, they were something in between who had the ability to appear more human than the vampires. however, vampires tend to hunt the vampeals, making their numbers limited. one day Kyli appeared in Zack's life, teaching him on how to become a vampeal. but before they were able to had him fully adjusted, the vampires had their eyes on him.

despite having a very interesting plot introducing a creature called Vampeal, i found myself lost every now and then throughout the book. it started out very promising, having a vampire waking up at a morgue, attacking a girl under the tree. but suddenly, there was Zack, a smart yet awkward boy; then came a mysterious girl named Kyli, who led Zack by the nose. their dialogues were painfully long-winded, their banters lack romance, especially with Zack became an even more distasteful character as he stubbornly refused to accept what he was becoming and having the urge to defend himself all the time. but to be fair, there were also sections that turned out to be surprisingly engaging, such as Del's past, living a life fully accepting what he was becoming and needed with such courtesy.

author: Virgil Allen Moore
published: 2013
genre: Romance

The Redgold Series:
- Demon Vampire: Anthology (2011)
- Special Science Report 1192 (2011)

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