Thursday, June 06, 2013

Still with Me (2012)

Still with Me

Jeremy had committed suicide on his 20th birthday after being rejected by his childhood friend, Victoria. instead of staying dead, he woke up on his 21st birthday with Victoria laying lovingly beside him. despite feeling blissful, he was troubled not being able to remember the whole year after his 20th birthday and before his 21st birthday. the next time he woke, he found himself starring at his first child Thomas. years later, his second child Simon. however, as he woke years into the future, he found out about his abusive self, a second personality to fill in the years he couldn't remember.

i was originally attracted to the book due to its cover, however felt deceived as it was a completely unrelated story. for the first few wakes, the story was slow and somewhat frustrating to follow. but as the book progressed and the situation intensified, things became interesting and much more entertaining. not being a fan of religious genre novels, i felt difficult to relate to Jeremy, especially when there was this old man that kept reading the psalm and putting him in pain to relive another few years. it felt like there weren't enough closure to the matter. while they kept making a point that god was very forgiving, all Jeremy went through felt more like a punishment to me.

author: Thierry Cohen
published: 2012
genre: Drama

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