Friday, July 12, 2013

Date A Live (2013)

Date A Live

Shido was just an average high school boy. but on the last day of the spring holiday, an explosion destroyed the town while a girl in armor appeared in front of him. Kotori, his sister-in-law told him about the girl, who was also the cause of a quake in the timespace. Kotori revealed that she herself was the commander of an organization and ordered him to date the girl. Shido's aim was not to defeat the girl, but to make her fell in love with him, thus saving the world.

despite being a harem anime, the plot was rather simple and straightforward, which was proven to be quite enjoyable. the pace was not only fast, even slightly rushed at some point, but still acceptable if not for the "to be continued" wording at the end of the series. with the pace, there were little character development if not for the very few main characters. it was difficult to root for any particular character, but the series in overall was definitely interesting for a harem series.

some background on the anime:
- episodes: 12
- director: Keitarou Motonaga (元永慶太郎)
- released: 2013
- language: Japanese
- genre: Science-Fiction/Romance

- Date A Live (2013)
- Date a Live 2 (2014)
- Date A Live OVA (2013)

Date A Live
Date A Live
Date A Live
Date A Live
Date A Live

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