Thursday, August 22, 2013

Avril Lavigne: Rock N Roll (2013)

Rock N Roll

after a rebel version of herself in the "Here's To Never Growing Up" (2013) video, Avril released the video for "Rock N Roll" (2013) just last 2 nights. this will be her second single from her upcoming Self-titled Album (2013) to be released later in September. the video was comic-like, with her and Danica McKellar fighting off the villain, Bearshark. one of the highlights fans went absolutely crazy after watching the video was the post-car crash kiss that Avril shared with Danica McKellar. Billy Zane also had an appearance in the video as an ally of Avril. for a video of such, one could only love it or hate it. i personally didn't quite enjoy the overall product other than enjoying the scenes that featured Avril.

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