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Mystery in the Palace (2011)

Mystery in the Palace

Princess Yidan was a frequent visitor in the palace, loved by the Emperor's mother. Taer was originally appointed to have Yidan's hand for marriage. but one night, she got drunk and accidentally landed in the bed of the Emperor. she got pregnant with twins and left her home in guilt. she hid in the temple for months and the very night she gave birth to her children, Taer set the temple on fire, only 1 child was saved. she was raised as Hanxiang, a goodhearted and hardworking girl who entered the palace in search of her mother's murderer.

with the accumulated cases of mysteries, the series was fast paced and engaging. Hanxiang was unbelievably lucky in most of the harm thrown her way, as she confronted powerful beings such as the Emperor's concubines, who each had their own tactics of staying alive. these women would do anything to kill one another just to keep their secrets safe. despite the engaging scenes and cases, Hanxiang failed to become a likable character. most of the important casts were Cantonese actors, making a China series seemed wrong somehow.

some backgrounds on the drama:
- episodes: 37
- director: 刘逢声
- released: 2012
- casts: 甘婷婷, 郑嘉颖, 米雪, 刘庭羽, 洪欣, 廖碧儿, 倪齐民, 张丹峰, 刘庭羽, 刘娜萍, 张兆辉, 陈秀丽, 穆婷婷, 方数真, 郝泽嘉, 宫媛, 袁心冉, 刘晟豪
- language: Mandarin
- genre: Drama

Mystery in the Palace
Mystery in the Palace
Mystery in the Palace
Mystery in the Palace
Mystery in the Palace

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