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Lan Ling Wang (2013)

Lan Ling Wang

a thousand years ago, the battle between the northern region continued as the Emperors from Chou and Qi fought to conquer the land that belonged to each other. Emperor Yu Wenyong led the Chou army while the Battle God, Lanling Wang, led the army of Qi, they fought for day and night and eventually Emperor Yu was defeated and returned to his own land. Lanling Wang had won the battle with the help of a young witch, Xuewu that left their hidden village. Xuewu had the chance to get to know both Lanling Wang as well as Emperor Yu during the battle.

the series was one of the most addictive series we had watched in quite a while. the romance between Xuewu and Lanling Wang was so extremely heartwarming and heart wrenching following the storyline. i had laughed so hard and bawled my eyes out for them. while most of the characters did extremely well for their parts, it was sometimes frustrating that they had to always hide the truth from only the one they were closest to. the conflicts always succeeded in breaking everyone up, all due to the lies that was supposed to keep them "safe". fortunately in overall, the series was highly enjoyable, sending our emotions on turmoil while being extremely rewarding and satisfying in return.

some backgrounds on the drama:
- episodes: 46
- director: 钟澍佳, 周晓鹏
- released: 2013
- casts: 冯绍峰, 林依晨, 陈晓东, 翟天临, 胡宇崴, 魏千翔, 毛林林, 张国庆, 郑晓宁, 何中华, 韩栋, 王笛, 王峥, 朱海君
- language: Mandarin
- genre: Historical

Lan Ling Wang
Lan Ling Wang
Lan Ling Wang
Lan Ling Wang
Lan Ling Wang

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