Wednesday, April 16, 2014

No Alligators in Sight (2013)

No Alligators in Sight

Lettie was a 13-year-old, who was forced to grow up taking care of her younger brother Bert. they lived with their father after their mother left them when they were young. Joel was an alcoholic. one day, after being caught for switching the price for a CD she really wanted, Lettie and Bert was sent off to their mother for the summer. meeting Getrude after all these years was odd, especially when she had Orlando, a new stepfather in tow. her mother had wanted to take Bert with her when she left years ago, but when the siblings was determined to stay together, they were both left behind with their father.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. Lettie was an extraordinary character, looking after herself and Bert, making sure that they fed themselves, did everything around the house. she wanted to be a normal 13-year-old more than anything else in the world, but shouldering so much responsibilities made it impossible. her humor and sarcasm were lovable, making her tough and relatable. the book was from time to time rather lengthy, especially for the part where she wrote into her blue book, but it was helpful in the sense that it cleared some stuff up for us readers, since it revealed Lettie's mind. the plot was random, often throwing situations into Lettie' path, the fun was seeing how she handled it. the book became more and more delicious as it neared its end, making the wait absolutely rewarding.

author: Kirsten B. Feldman
published: 2013
genre: Drama

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