Monday, April 21, 2014

Runaway (2013)


Christine, Chloe, Katie, and Lucy were four sisters who always stuck together. they used to have a happy life, until their parents died and they were sent off to their Aunt Mel. sister to their mother, Aunt Mel was a mean lady who abused the sisters so very often. she got paid looking after the sisters, yet she couldn't stop complaining. not only at home, the sisters were also bullied in school, especially for having no parents. however, Aunt Mel had kept a secret from them, something that could have changed their lives but she kept it hidden away. one day, decided that they had enough, the sisters runaway together, facing a life even more dangerous that it already was.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. the book was a fast read since it was a short story. it took more than half way through the book before the sisters decided to runaway. however, going through the first half of the book, getting absorbed into the experience of being bullied together with the sisters made it even more engaging. the book was an absolutely easy read. it was also easy to accept that they were too young to consider the danger of running away, facing the big bad world, especially comparing to the already torturous life they lived. the ending was somewhat unexpected, but surprisingly it was rewarding and satisfying to know that the girls were finally in good hands. despite being short, the book was an entertaining read.

author: Anfal Khaliq
published: 2013
genre: Drama

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