Sunday, April 06, 2014

Songstone (2013)


Kita was found abandoned on the beach by Noni, a villager, when she was still a baby. unlike other dark skinned villagers, Kita was pale with bright red hair, which made her an outcast. she became the slave of Matiko, a medicine man who had the power to change the way people view him. he was a sorcerer who practiced black magic, killing those who threatened him by using magic. only Kita knew his secret, but she had no strength to fight him. one day, when a journeyman arrived, looking for a storyteller. Kita revealed her ability to meld song into stone, an ability greatly honored in a world with no written word. Pono, the journeyman helped her escape and they embarked on a journey that none ever took before.

i received free e-books for the series from the author in exchanged for a review. the story was inspired by the folklore of New Zealand's Maori people. it was a pity that i wasn't informed since the very beginnign that the story was somewhat base on the Maoris, else the people would have formed even more accurately in my mind. by saying dark skinned people, i had imagine the Africans until its very end, which was odd seeing that they lived on an island and by the beach. fortunately, following Kita on her journey was intense and engaging, especially with Pono around, making it mysterious at some point, wondering if he was betraying her trust. i was pleased to find their relationship developed accordingly, making it even more rewarding, especially near the end.

author: Lena Goldfinch
published: 2013
genre: Fantasy

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