Thursday, April 10, 2014

This Wicked Game (2013)

This Wicked Game

Claire's family was part of the International Guild of High Priests and Priestesses for over fifty years. it was a secret society that shared the knowledge and experience of practicing voodoos for generations. Claire's family also ran an underground supply house for ingredients required for voodoo. despite helping to look after the shop or filling orders for the ingredients , she doesn't believe. one day, a mysterious woman placed an order for a deadly ingredient. it immediately triggered fear through the Guild. however, Claire was horrified to find the adults not taking any actions, it was up to her together with the other firstborns to face off the deadly enemy.

the book was somewhat refreshing for not jumping headfirst into the paranormal world. we followed Claire, slowly dipping ourselves into their mysterious world, reminding me so much of our parents who also hid so many secrets from us. lacking faith actually made Claire a less favorable character, but fortunately due to her background and how she was exposed to voodoo, it was most certainly acceptable. being the descendant of the most powerful Priestess made her a target. it was pleasant to know that despite her lack of faith, she didn't mind using voodoo for the safety of everyone she loved. not having a too in depth plot fortunately doesn't make the book any less engaging. it was an absolute fast read.

author: Michelle Zink
published: 2013
genre: Paranormal/Romance

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