Friday, May 16, 2014

Faustus Lupus (2014)

Faustus Lupus

Faustus was a successful commander until he was ambushed. he barely escaped and was later bitten by a werewolf. the change caused him to lose his wealth, family and military rank. as much as he tried to discover how to stop the transformation and reverse the curse, he found out that he achieved in more ways than he expected.

i received a free e-book in exchanged for a review. the book started out being a difficult read as i wasn't a huge fan of battles or historical genre. i was attracted to the book merely because of my sentiments towards paranormal genres, especially vampires and werewolves that basically got me started in the first place. i struggled quite a bit in both reading and rooting for Faustus. being overly macho, i found it quite difficult to love his character. whenever the story started to evolve around political and military related situations, i would find myself lost and skipping lines soon after.

author: Robert Reade
published: 2014
genre: Historical/Supernatural

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