Saturday, May 10, 2014

Shannon & Amanda: Bloodlines (2014)

Shannon & Amanda: Bloodlines

Amanda and Shannon were best friends since they could remember, just as their parents were friends and neighbors. across their street was a house, vacant for 200 years that it was famous for being haunted. one day, the duo was forced to go into the house to retrieve their ball when they felt a presence. after the frightening incident, Amanda discovered that she wield telepathic ability; while Shannon became psychokinesis. soon, the duo discovered how their ancestors were linked, making Shannon the last of her bloodline, descendant of the presence they met in the haunting house.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. the book started out being an easy read. however, it started to lose me reaching the last quarter of it. the battle against evil wasn't as easy to picture as i would love it to be. after the promising start, i couldn't help feeling slightly disappointed with how complicated the dream or mental battle was, i found myself lost in it and after rereading it for a few times, wasn't interested in understanding it anymore. the irreplaceable friendship that Shannon and Amanda shared sort of come short of expectation as well. after being repetitively reminded of how close they were or how connected their future will be, i saw little resemblance of it, nor felt any spark or heartwarming bits about them. it was difficult to root for any of the girls, especially without much character developments, they kind of felt flat.

author: Melony R. Boseley
published: 2014
genre: Magic

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