Monday, June 30, 2014

Perfect Couple (2014)

Perfect Couple

Yuenbao had been brought up in the Jin family as their only heir. one day, he was assigned a bride by the Empress. as reluctant as he was with the marriage, he wasn't able to risk the lives of his family to rebel against the marriage. Qilin was brought up in the village by her adoptive mother. grateful towards her love, Qilin was determined to find her mother's son, who was taken by the Jin family. she took the place of the escaping bride and wed into the Jin family under the name of the bride, all in search of the missing son of her adoptive mother.

the series started out slightly exaggerated especially action wise, fortunately with the interesting storyline and captivating characters, i found myself enjoying it in no time. Qilin who started out being a rather annoying character, turned out to be so lovable when her true intention was revealed. the comedic effect that involved her seemed to come naturally as well. Yuenbao on the other hand, was a serious character that got caught up in Qilin's plot. when they started to fall for each other, the series became even more engaging that i was sad when everything came to an end.

some backgrounds on the drama:
- episodes: 45
- director: 黄祖权
- released: 2014
- casts: 霍建华, 唐嫣, 邬君梅, 王阳, 贡米, 黄明, 王婧娈, 张天阳, 樊昊仑
- language: English
- genre: Romance

Perfect Couple
Perfect Couple
Perfect Couple
Perfect Couple
Perfect Couple

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