Friday, July 04, 2014

Locks (2014)


the story was an alternate version of Rapunzel. but instead of a Damsel that needed rescue, this version of Rapunzel was every bit as feisty as it could get. she spoke her mind, was sarcastic and a true fighter despite her poor battle skill. she was held captive by Taryn, her mother who yearned for her Theurgist power. with her around, Taryn was able to remained youthful and could freely manipulate her time controlling power. Flynn was a Mercenary hired by Taryn. despite their hate towards each other, they signed a contract to protect them from one another. when Flynn was assigned to supervise the locked up Rapunzel, they fell dangerously in love, forming a relationship that could very well kill them both.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. for the first quarter of the book, i was overwhelmed with the details compared to what i expected of Rapunzel. her tough personality was such a attractive side of her yet the love struck girl whenever Flynn walked into the room was far less alluring. but at some point, especially after adapting to the person Rapunzel was, i found myself looking forward to every minute they spent together, also the repetitive failed escape attempts, which was a lesson each and every one of them. the book was most rewarding when it came to Rapunzel's growth. from tons of aimless escapes to planned strategies, she outsmart everyone but of course never Flynn, who was always one step ahead of her. there were often times when i couldn't quite figure out where his loyalty laid, but the twists were welcoming as it made the book so much more interesting. i was pleased to find myself loving more than the main characters, even some of the supporting characters and villains were intriguing enough that i wanted more time with them.

author: Sarah J. Pepper
published: 2014
genre: Fairy Tales/Romance

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