Monday, September 29, 2014

Silver Shadows #1: Darksoul (2014)


Hazel was best friends with Sumi, a pink-haired girl; and Asher, a hot guy Hazel had a crush since forever. however, Asher was in no hurry to settle down with one girl, thus having a different girl in his arm every single day. in the meanwhile, Hazel was partnered with a cold, unreadable guy in art class, Hunter. Hunter was a skillful painter yet was painfully blunt. the two boys always manage to get onto Hazel’s nerves, pushing her to the limit every time with their fast running mouths. among all the existing havoc, Hazel still found herself thrown into a bizarre world, where monsters were coming for her with reasons she not known, and an angel figure sometimes swooped in to save her. in utter confusion, Hazel was determine to fight her way through life, taking one day at a time.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. despite not being a huge fan of romance and excessive banters, I was surprised to find myself entertained throughout the book. after finishing this book, I started to doubt that all these while, the problem was perhaps the writing style, not the romance nor banters etc. as much as I was waiting to feel annoyed with the triangular relationships between Hazel and the boys, I was again surprised to find myself never in that spot. on the contrary, I was even more intrigued towards finding out who the boys really were, uncovering their secrets once and for all, digging out all the delicious details. the moment the story progressed to Hazel’s mother’s relationship, I initially though the plotline went too far, involving just about anyone they can find. but again, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself loving her mother, even her newly introduced partner, immediately after the introductory scene. In more than a dozen ways, the book impressed me by being completely unpredictable; and it was even more impressive to find myself enjoying it so much. every twist pulled me deeper into Hazel’s world and made me loved the trio impossibly more and more as I came to an end of the book. I am now more than eager to lay my hands on the coming installment, anticipating especially the surprises it held!

author: J.L. Tomlinson
published: 2014
genre: Fantasy

Silver Shadows series:
- Darksoul (2014)

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