Thursday, May 31, 2007


"never engage in battle that you don't gain anything from"

this is one of the lessons that i was exposed to during this semester. it came from the lecturer who is keen to motivate us. battles, such as conflicts and arguments, has to be able to lead to an equal understanding within the relationship (family, friends or partners). it may not be the best way to gain an understanding, but it is nevertheless -- a way. useless battles only drains energy and time. time itself, is said to be the most precious asset one can have, because it never returns. and only you yourself own your own time.

as for battles that are useless. example -- during a conversation, a couple had a slight disagreement. the guy said "it was year 83 when we went to Hawaii", and the girl said "no, it was year 85". and for that, they argued and stopped talking to each other for the rest of the night. but does it matter? shouldn't the focus be on "the trip to Hawaii together", instead of "the year" they went? this argument leads to nothing. no matter who has remembered the year correctly, it makes no difference. it is a waste of time and energy. and it is acidic toward the relationship. slowly corroding it, destroying it.

the example makes me realized that, in many situations in life, we tend to be focus on the wrong thing. we are more focus on negative thinking. "see not what you have to achieve, but see how far had u come". instead of looking at what we had achieve, we look at things that are yet to be done. rushed schedule, tight deadlines .. and for that, we got discouraged. we got unmotivated. there are a lot of experience, from our life and the life of others around us, if not digested or translated into lessons, will never be understood. and similar mistake will keep on occurring n repeating itself.

"say not the words to impress, but say words with strength from within". the power of these lessons and experience, comes from a person living the lessons itself. be consistent between what you say you will do, and make sure that you do what you say you will do. (it rhymes !!)

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