Thursday, May 31, 2007

Intense Stress.

had been stressed out for more than a week now. since preparing the logbook and test for 1 subject, and doing documents and prototype for the fyp (final year project). don't have to study so hard for the test in fact. because it was an open-book test. and we weren't informed until minutes before the test starts. the lecturer probably did that on purpose just to make us study. instead of letting us wait for success to descent upon us. n not savoring it thoroughly ..

i don't really mind doing the logbook for the subject. yup the entries are quite a lot, n yup it is tedious. but at least we can say whatever we want in it. whatever we feel. whatever that meant something to us. whatever that matters to us. there are barely any wrong answers to it. n whats more? its Fun (with a big "F") !!

but as for the fyp, there is no such leniency. he pushes us to the edge. no mercy. no compassion. to the point that we felt reluctant to attend the class. to the point that we are so so so de-motivated. could this be a good thing? i wonder ..

stress .. oh stress ..

もだめだ .. いたい、 いたい、 とんでけー !!

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