Tuesday, May 29, 2007


the funny thing that i met during this semester .. is having 2 extreme lecturers.

one that motivates you so much, makes you unable to believe how cool life is, n how much you can improve yourself to become a better person. another that de-motivates you so much, you might as well commit suicide or disappear into thin air. (poof !! go bye-bye ..)

isn't life sarcastic when it is put that way?

the thing i tried to consistently remind myself of, is not to be pulled down by the latter lecturer, to the same level that he is. no one gives anyone rights to critic others, and definitely not the right to "kill" another person with words. n yup, words can be as deadly as weapons. they are as sharp, as lethal. and the worst part is, he can "slash" n "kill" anyhow he wants, n still be able to walk away with it. no obligation.

how fun is that ..

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