Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gaming: Maple

haven't been mapling lately. kinda misses it ..

login this afternoon. take a look at my long-lost character. she is still as cute and innocent as ever. o(^u^)o then kill and run amok in Ludibrium. haha. and noticed there is a new tower in Ludibrium, called Helios Tower.

instead of going west from Ludibrium, which leads to the EOS Tower, Helios Tower is the east from Ludibrium. the monsters there looks a little different, yet behaves quite similar to the monsters at EOS Tower.

for example, the ratz at EOS Tower is called retz in Helios Tower. retz looks like hamster, so its a little bigger than ratz, which is pure white. and as for the experience gained, it is only around 10 points difference.

after exploring Ludibrium, took a ride from Ludibrium back to Orbis, so that i can return to Victoria to complete some quests. on the way ride heading back, i met the evil, deadly, level 100, Crimson Balrogs. 2 of them !! luckily i was able to run fast enough and hide inside the cabin for the rest of the journey. really like their wings though. why can't the characters have it too? i don't mind it being dark or even black color. :)

here is one of the a useful guide for maplers out there. Happy Mapling!

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