Saturday, June 02, 2007

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

blond is sexy. blue eyes are sexy. nothing can be sexier than blond and blue eyes put together !! ;)

history of blue eyes:

blue eyes were developed in cold places. the weaker sunlight causes the humans in these areas to have fairer skin, lighter hair, and lighter eye colors. (taken from wikipedia)

had been liking her since her first and self-titled album's "what a girl wants" and Mulan's soundtrack "reflection". a duet from her earlier Spanish album - "Mi Reflejo", called "si bo te hubiera conocido (if i had not known you)" was also a very nice song.

strong voices turn me on. :)

here are some backgrounds on christina:
- name: Christina Maria Aguilera
- born: December 18, 1980
- origin: Staten Island, NY
- genre: Pop/Dance/RnB
- spouse: Jordan Bratman
- married: November 19, 2005

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