Sunday, June 03, 2007

cheetah vs. leopard..

Cheetahs (scientific name: Acinonyx jubatus) are the handsome speeders. the weight 40-55 kilograms. i sometimes mistook cheetah as Leopards, because of their spots/markings. did some searching, and here are some ways to tell them apart:

1. cheetah has greater speed and stealth than leopard.
2. leopard is excellent climber. cheetah usually does not climb tree.
3. leopards' head and body are larger and heavier.
4. cheetah's markings are dots. leopard's are rosettes.
5. cheetah's face has a tear-streak marking, from the inner corners of the eyes to the corners of its mouth.
6. leopard is nocturnal (active during night time). cheetah is diurnal (active during day time).

fun facts sharing ~ :)

(proceed to cheetahs for more cheetahs' photographs)

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