Sunday, June 17, 2007

动力火车 / Anthony 郑伟康

Anthony 郑伟康

hotlink's borneo music festival was held at travillion. said to begin at 7-730pm, 16th June 2007. but the actual time it began was 9pm. imagine standing in the rain, all wet n cold, listening to the dj talking about hotlink. huge turn off. d'oh ..

a little before 9pm, anthony came out. finally something to watch !! he was the champion in "2006年Astro新秀大赛". he also won the "短信人气大奖" in "TVB8全球华人新秀歌唱大赛". a 19-year-old from sabah. well .. he didn't have a good look. but his enthusiasms n effort rocks. his dances n body movement ain't bad either. especially for a young artist from Malaysia. :p liked him for few of the 4-5 songs he sang. especially the first song. a little fast, a little hype. impressive n did a good job of heating up the crowd.

after he was done, the dj started talking again. *faint*!! then the "power station" finally reached. blasted through the night until 11pm. kinda disappointed that they sing a lot of other artists' instead of their own. but the mood was high nevertheless. :) below are some of the pictures taken with devil's SE W810i. "power station" had a collection out recently, named "forever friends". released on April 25, 2007.

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