Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tokyo Friends 東京フレンズ (2005)

"東京フレンズ" is a j-dorama (Japanese drama/series) that i had watched recently. it was aired in 2005. heard a recommendation of it therefore watching it.

it is about 4 girls, travel to Tokyo (東京) to realize their dream. they met and worked at a bar called "Yume no Kura (夢の蔵)". became friends and grew together. Rei, Ryoko, Hirono, and Maki each have their own story.
although the story is rather slow for me, but the music was definitely worthwhile. and what the girls faced, well .. it really does kinda apply to us if you look at it.

some backgrounds on the j-dorama:
- episodes: 5
- director: Kozo Nagayama
- casts: Ai Otsuka, Yoko Maki, Rio Matsumoto, Mao Kobayashi
- language: Japanese
- genre: Comedy/Romance

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