Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bryan Adams: Please Forgive Me (1993)

Bryan Adams: Please Forgive Me (1993)

a love song with romantic anime (Japanese animation, アニメ) pictures as display. thanks to devil for sharing.

here are some of the video's details:
- song artist: Bryan Adams
- song title: Please Forgive Me
- song released in: 1993
- song genre: Soft Rock
- video background: anime

bryan adams has always been popular for his songs. most of them are used for movie or cartoon's soundtrack. for example, "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" and "Top Gun". i personally enjoys the OST (origianl sound tracks) for "Spirit". very touching, very grand.

n some backgrounds on adams:
- born: November 5, 1959
- origin: Kingston, Ontario, Canada
- genre: Rock n Roll/Soft Rock
- he currently lives in England
- he is a vegan (veganism, strict or pure vegetarianism). therefore he brings his cook with him when he travels for concerts all over the world.

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