Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Care Bears (2004)

Care Bears

remember the care bears? :) coincidentally watched their 3D movie - "Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-lot" on HBO, at a friend's house, two days ago. it was released on October 05, 2004.

Funshine Bear loves jokes and enjoys making the Care Bears laugh. One day, Funshine tries to cheer up Grumpy Bear, which makes Grumpy feel even worse. Grumpy even goes so far as to tell Funshine that he does not belong in Care-A Lot. So Funshine runs away and ends up in Joke-a-lot, where a rat named Sir Funnybone declares him to be the long-lost King. Funnybone is actually using him as part of a plot to gain power. The other Care Bears, of course, miss Funshine and want him to come back to Care-A-Lot. Thus Funshine must in the end make a difficult decision; to come back to his home in Care-A-Lot or remain king of Joke-A-Lot.went to the Care Bears Official Site n played a few games that tell me which bear im. haha. below are the screen shots taken. it sure brings back memories. 懐かしい (なつかしい) .. which bear are you?

some backgrounds on the movie:
- director: Mike Fallows
- released: 2004
- language: English
- genre: family


  1. hehe .. thx !! i love them too .. :)

  2. i want to be wish bear.. haha.. grant ppl's wishes.. cheer bear oso can.. make ppl happy..
    i like dem all.. ;)

  3. haha .. even grumpy bear is also cute !! XD