Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Korean MV

(continued from the previous Korean mv)

another touching mv shared by devil. can't help but to have my tears falling again. Korean MVs sure are successful in melting the heart of its viewers. n did it within the short 6-7 minutes of a song. the mv was made into a short movie-liked thingy, as the previous mv. impressive indeed.

the story was about a bad girl going through some changes. changes in friends she made, changes in her attitudes. the mv took an unexpected turn at the middle part, which makes it even more touching.

the people around us does effect us greatly, whether we pay attention to it or not. sometimes all it took was for someone to give us a Nudge. but which direction that nudge will lead us, right or wrong direction, is hard to tell. the aftermath of that nudge are not instant. it will not appear without time. be careful who nudge u !! because they will not be there when the aftermath shows ..

another recommendation if you have time.

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