Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Korean MV

been introduced a very touching MV (music video) today. thanks to devil. not sure what the artist name or song title are. for these information were all displayed in Korean. n yup, it is a Korean song.

if you do have extra time to spare, i greatly recommend the mv to you. it started out as a sweet relationship. but the moment she thought "he" didn't care, she was wrong. "he" cared more than anyone or anything for her .. .. can't stop my tears from falling watching it.

in a relationship, instead of spending time doubting or blaming each other for faults n flaws, do Cherish each other when you Have it. it is what matters. better than regretting when its over. rather sad n pathetic if that's the case, won't you say?

by the way, do you, by any means, know what is the artist name or song title? please do update me .. thanks !! :)

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