Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Eye in the Sky 跟踪 (2007)

The Eye in the Sky

Recommendation !! Watch It !! hehe. just wanna get my point clear. :p don't search for plots, don't search for trailers, don't search for still pictures of it, don't even read the newspaper .. erm .. maybe not "don't read the newspaper" part. hehe. but if you are a big fan of Hong Kong's cop thriller, don't get ready for it, just watch it. for me to recommend a Hong Kong movie is rare. n when i do, its good. it was a cool movie with quite an unexpected flow of storyline. it was tight, totally no time spent on unnecessary or boring explanations. it was cops versus robbers. but the main focus here lies in "surveillance". the way the surveillance team operate was impressive. disguises, vehicles, observation, swiftness, alertness. can hardly tell the cops from the crowd. they are the people who do the anonymous tasks behind the scenes. following the suspects and trailing the streets for them. the movie doesn't have much of the usual car chases, explosions or fancy gun battles. which makes it a lot more realistic n is able to reach closer to its viewers' hearts. a totally unexpected twist for a cop thriller. the typical would probably be .. flying through the air shooting two guns? :p n few more things to add .. - Tony Leung (梁家輝) played a cold-blooded villain in this movie. n surprisingly well !! - Simon Yam (任达华) 's tummy in the movie .. is real. *sweat*i enjoyed the movie through out the show. 90 minutes of tension. *thumbs up* !!

some backgrounds of the movie:
- director: Nai-Hoi Yau (游乃海)
- casts: Tony Leung (梁家輝), Simon Yam (任达华), Kate Tsui (徐子珊)
- released: 2007
- language: Cantonese
- genre: thriller/crime

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