Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Digi vs. Hotlink: Part 2

(continued from digi vs. hotlink - part 1)

received a friend - prim3 - 's feedback, n the battle continues ..

from what he told me, talk plan (plan 3 - from previous post) n sms plans (plan 4) are the old ones. are they obsolete? or still available? total plan (plan 1) and simple plan (plan 2) are used to enhanced the previous 2 plans.

total plan (plan 1) is the enhanced talk plan (plan 3). simple plan (plan 2) is for those who wants to double their activation period. for example - reload RM30 can last for 60 days. there is also a Sarawak plan recently. which is similar to total plan (plan 1) yet with a flat rate to all networks.

maxis hotlink (plan 5: Sarawak plan)
- 35 cent/min (all networks)
- 1 cent/sms (active 5)
- 7 cent/sms (within network)
- 15 cent/sms (other networks)

it is finally clearer n easier to understand now. maybe its time for hotlink to update n reduce the excessive amount of plans in their site. *sweat*

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