Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Valen 许茹芸 / 琇琇


haven't heard from valen for quite some times. listened to her latest single, named "好听". released on April 12, 2007.

love the demo/piano version the most. 乐画乐美丽 was a public welfare concert (公益音乐会) held at Taiwan, named - “乐画乐美丽 Rita Melody x 许茹芸好听音乐会”. she was popular back then, with songs like "如果云知道" and "独角戏". sure has been a while .. :)

some background on valen:
- name: 許宏繡
- born: September 20, 1974
- origin: Taiwan
- genre: Mandarin Pop/Love Balladthere are 3 versions of the same song :
- the original version (called "乐画乐美丽 活动主题曲")
- the demo version (the piano version)
- the karaoke version

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