Monday, July 23, 2007


the result is out !!

had been anxious for the whole day. rumors said that it will be out at 830am .. then 11am .. then 330pm .. then 8pm. none of those were true. d'oh ..

had been pretty much distracted too. during the birthday party/lunch, n during badminton session at night, i can't help but keep asking the people around me whether i'll do well. seriously, they won't know. haha. i just can't help it.

at 11pm .. i suddenly received 2 MSN nudges n messages telling me the result is out !! rushed n login to our university's BlackBoard site. it seemed to take eons for the results to finish download !! *holding my breath*

at last ..

i was surprised. the results weren't as bad as i thought. it weren't even bad at all !! thank god !! the anxiousness paid off. the on-going battle within this semester comes to a perfect end, preparing me for the next. *continues the steady breathing* this shall be the Best birthday present god had given me. right on time too !!

i shall sleep well tonight. what a great way to end a not-so-normal day.

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