Friday, September 21, 2007

lion dance..

i love lion dance !!

how can you not like those huge furry thingy that bounce around, blink their huge eyes, n wave their tiny little tails ?? it got me totally excited just by hearing the "music" - the drums, gongs/cymbals. can't help but to rush towards it !! :D

this lion dance performance was due to the opening of the "mid-autumn festival / mooncake festival (中秋节)" at Carpenter Street. i was busy watching, while devil took photographs of it .. :)

had a great night with devil. so much better than expected. despite being rather familiar with each other n cuddly, its like falling in love all over again !! *blush* :)


  1. I love lion dances also! I like the sound of the drums and cymbals. :)

  2. haha me too !! makes me totally excited even when i hear from afar. :D

  3. Seems like having a great time...

    Good for you... =p

  4. hehe totally !! awesome !! thx lots !! *blush* :D

  5. ^^ great! I love lion dance too! it's "múa lân" on Vietnamese :)

  6. sounds cool. haha. thx for sharing the information !! ;)