Thursday, September 20, 2007


feel rather contented lately. the feeling of being needed n cherished. barely did anything, yet being appreciated just by spending the time together. it fills me totally. *reliefs*

a sudden burst of sadness usually results in a sudden burst of happiness. even the most stressful classes i have every week, turned out to be a snap of fingers. i guess it is the re-directed focus thingy ..

while we were sitting around with a bunch of friends the other day, i was suddenly asked a question by one of the guys. "girls prioritize their relationship, don't they?", i nodded firmly. n at that exact moment, noticed my partner looking straight at me. dodging his glance. yes, "prioritizing the relationship" - is the exact reason we were having our issues by then. (thank god its "case-closed" n concluded -for now- .. )

taking a step back from the conflicts that we had, i suddenly realized how very fortunate we are !! at least we have the chance to create conflict, to fight for what we feel important. n these conflicts will merely served as our stepping stones towards a stabler relationship. *grateful*

our friend, however, ain't so fortunate. their relationship started less than 1 month ago. oh wait .. it was only 1 week or so .. reason being: she ain't pretty. why start the relationship in the first place, while you knew it won't work ?? is it funny to break other's heart ?? or maybe he was "testing" ?? what the .. *sigh*

how sad it is to place "appearance" as the most crucial factor while in search of a partner. there are so much more underneath. so much more that meets the eyes. things that really matters !! .. *taking a deep breathe* .. ah well, i suppose we all have our own values in life. for him, maybe it is appearance ..

may god free his mind, as he had free mine ..


  1. Ain't pretty??? Then broke off? Wah lao, if so then why start the first place?

    Suddenly becomes not pretty ah to the eyes?

    Anyway, as the saying goes.... Beauty is only skin deep.... take it off, all are the same... hohohoho...


  2. "if so then why start the first place?" - that's the exact question we are asking. why ?? it can't be fun !!

    "Beauty is only skin deep" - yup agreed. beauty is just an -extra- thingy. have it, great. don't have it, so? makes no difference except candy to the eye.

  3. I guess it is better if the guy and the girl are friends to begin with. Then appearances won't matter--I think.

    That's really outrageous--breaking off because not pretty. Lame reason.

  4. yup totally lame .. everyone is beautiful in their own way. all it took is some time n effort to notice it.

    by the way, they knew each other. they work together for quite a while now.

  5. They know each other before? I think the guy was afraid of commitment. Oh, I don't know~

    Anyway, I hope your friend is ok now. :)

  6. he does wanna find a girlfriend for quite some times though. not sure the reason. probably because he is aimless right now. n causes him to jump at the chance he got. n that is the first mistake he make. other than breaking her heart that is ..
    not sure hows the progress today. gotta check out with the guys. hehe.